Adopt An Owl

Help burrowing owl conservation and research by adopting a Burrowing Owl. You will receive an adoption certificate, an update after the nesting season, and more! Corporate sponsorship’s are also available.

Donations are used to fund owl research on Marco Island by a UF-IFAS graduate student, monitoring and protecting burrowing owls on Marco Island, and education about wildlife in Southwest Florida.

Adopt Potato

Potato has been having a relatively easy life on Marco Island. Although he is a fierce protector of his family and hisses if people get too close, he allowed the AWE biologist to band him and his mate this year. Also this year, they became proud parents of 3 healthy chicks, all with green eyes.

AWE’s Owl Watch team will continue protecting Potato’s burrow.

Adopt Piper

AWE’s biologist banded Piper in 2017. Since then, she has persevered through some hard times on Marco Island and triumphed. Last year, she lost her mate and was raising her chicks as a single mom. Then the nest burrow flooded. This year, she found a new mate and a new burrow, and they successfully raised 3 chicks.

Thank you to the AWE Owl Watch team for keeping the grass low so Piper and her family can forage more easily from the burrow.

Adopt Athena

Athena is feisty! And she was a strong mother to 5 chicks this year, well above the average. Her mate stepped in a concrete-like substance this year. When AWE’s biologist banded Athena’s mate, she picked off the substance, freeing him to better feed frogs, cockroaches and lizards to their chicks.

AWE’s Owl Watch will continue helping Athena and her family.

Adopt Ollie

Ollie and his mate had an interesting 2018 nesting season. One of their adult sons decided to live at home this year. So Ollie moved and raised a new family at a new burrow. Unlike other owls on Marco Island, Ollie prefers to decorate his burrow with big sticks and coconut husks.

The AWE Owl Watch team ropes off Ollie’s burrows so he and his mate can raise his young in relative peace.

Disclaimer: Due to the finite number of banded owls on Marco Island, there is no guarantee that the owl you symbolically adopt will not be adopted by others as well. For the safety of owls, we do not disclose the location of the owl you symbolically adopt